What constitutes a rental period?

Minimum / 4-Hours - Any 4-hour period during store hours; ask about overnight rates.

Day / 8-Hour - Charge Items may be out up to 24 hours. Metered items are allowed up to 8 hours on the meter in a 24 hour period.

What Is A Long Term Rental Rate?

Published rental charges are based on short-term need - hour, day, or week. Weekly and monthly rates are available upon request.

What Are Shifts?

All rates in this catalog are based on the equipment being used on a standard 8 hour-per-day shift, 40 hours per week or 160 hours per 4-week period. Double or triple shifts will be charged accordingly.

Delivery, Pickup, and Fuel

We will deliver anywhere. Rates vary according to distance of travel, weight, and size of equipment. Call for a delivery quote. Customer is responsible for all fuel, except when provided by Arrowhead Builders Supply.

Why Rent?

Six Sound Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Equipment

  1. Maintenance - Equipment rented on a day-to-day basis includes full maintenance. The user of such equipment needs no repair shop, no space, no spare parts supply, no mechanics, and no parts supply inventory or maintenance records for it.
  2. Breakdown - Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdown in use. When rented equipment breaks down, it may be immediately replaced by Arrowhead Builders Supply at no cost to the user. Time losses on breakdown of owned equipment as well as the cost of repairs themselves must be considered.
  3. Obsolescence - Faster and better equipment is constantly appearing, as manufacturers battle for a market keenly aware of rising wage costs. Ownership involves the risk of being handicapped with equipment that is slow and unwildly compared with new models. On the other hand, Arrowhead Builders Supply keeps available the latest types and models of equipment.
  4. Correct Equipment For The Job - Ownership often forces another kind of inefficiency through use of the wrong size or type of equipment for a given job, even though the equipment is not obsolete. This can mean additional, though hidden, costs. Arrowhead Builders Supply's equipment insures the correct equipment for the job.
  5. Conservation Of Capital - Renting frees capital for other, potentially more profitable uses than being tied up in equipment.
  6. Increases Borrowing Capacity - The equipment user who rents rather than buys generally finds borrowing easier because the business has a btter ratio of assets to liabilities, as the equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet. Contractors have found this most important in securing the bonds necessary for construction work.

Weekend Rental Rates

Friday After 4 PM To Monday At 8 AM - 2 Day Rental

Friday After 4 PM To Sunday At 9 AM - 1 Day Rental

Saturday After 10 AM To Monday At 8 AM - 1.5 Day Rental

Saturday After 2 PM To Monday At 8 AM - 1 Day Rental

No exceptions on weekend rates. If item is late, it goes to actual rates.

Inflatables Delivery and Setup

The rate includes set up with the assistance of 1 able-bodies individual. If there is no one to help, there will be an additional fee of $30.00 for setup.